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Banburyshire’s Ancient Sites:

List of Sites

Landscape image, ‘The Wroxton Fingerpost’
‘The Wroxton Fingerpost’

‘Banburyshire’s Ancient Sites’ is a guide to the standing stones, earthworks, historic features, and sacred sites, that are part of the landscape of North Oxfordshire and the surrounding hills. Each site has a dedicated page with descriptions, pictures, maps, and links to other sources of information. The following pages list these sites, grouped according to six general types:

Landscape image for ‘Camps and Settlements’
‘Sun breaks the cloud on Madmarston Hill’, 2nd January 2012

Sites List: ‘Camps and Settlements’

This page gives a list of ‘Camps and Settlements’ in the ‘Banburyshire Ancient Sites’ guide.

Though modern historians have called them ‘forts’ or ‘camps’, ancient local settlements – primarily from the Iron Age/Celtic era – offer a view of the landscape as the ancient dwellers of this landscape would have seen it; when the land was far less populous than today.

Landscape image, ‘Purple haze (borage crop on Madmarston Hill)’
Madmarston Hill

A major Celtic settlement, later overthrown by the Romans and translocated to the vale below. Today Madmarston Hill is a prime example of the slow destruction of our ancient monuments by agriculture, and portends a greater fate for us all.

Landscape image, ‘North Leigh Roman Villa’
North Leigh Roman Villa

In the middle of a meander of the River Evenlode, just south of where Akeman Street crosses the valley, North Leigh is the remains of a small 2nd to 4th Century Roman villa, built on top of an earlier Iron Age farmstead which occupied the site. An English Heritage site with public access, its a wonderful stopping off point for walks along the Evenlode valley.

Landscape image, ‘A frosty dawn at Rainsborough Camp Iron Age settlement’
Rainsborough Camp

Straddling the top of a 145 metre/476 foot ridge-line, Rainsborough Camp is one of the best spots to take in the local landscape. It’s an early Iron Age double-walled hill fort, in size on a par with many of the more famous sites along The Ridgeway in South Oxfordshire. Rainsborough also sits alongside an ancient trackway – The Portway

Landscape image, ‘Banbury Lane and the road through Tadmarton Camp Iron Age settlement’
Tadmarton Heath & Tadmarton Camp

Crossed by ancient local and regional trackways, Tadmarton Heath is an historic landscape that covers the wide flat top of this notable local hill.

Landscape image, ‘The Roundabout Iron Age settlement’
The Roundabout

A single-walled Iron Age hill fort, ravaged by time – its ditch filled in by recent agriculture, its southern flank quarried for stone. Not a grand site, but a well-located one, 196 metres/643 feet up on a hilltop with views over the Evenlode Valley, and where a number of ancient paths meet.

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