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A March St. David’s Day wander in the dusk, 1st March 2020
A March St. David’s Day wander in the dusk, 1st March 2020 – with Venus overhead. Click here to view the video.

Often times my walks videos have no commentary, and may instead have some random music composed in my head on the walk, or a musical earworm that paced me along the way. I don’t really need to talk when the landscape itself can speak more eloquently than I can. Every now and again I may put some seemingly random voice-over to scenes from a walk, usually to convey the thoughts that the scene inspired at the time.

To make browsing easier the videos are split into sections: Below are the five most recent; there are also pages for 2021 and earlier, and 2022 and later.

To see all of my videos, go to Ramblinactivist’s YouTube Channel.

Five most recent videos

The title image for Ramblinactivist’s Video No.14 of 2022 ‘Ramblinactivist’s Videos’, 2022/14, 18th April 2022:

‘The Awakening Moon’ (sunset & moonrise time-lapse)

I was uncertain about this one. I made it for myself, but wasn’t sure about sharing. However, having slept on it, perhaps others will find it pleasing too. A time-lapse of the setting sun and the rising ‘Pink’ or ‘Awakening Moon’, Saturday 16th April 2022.

The title image for Ramblinactivist’s Video No.12 of 2022 ‘Ramblinactivist’s Videos’, 2022/12, 8th April 2022:

‘A Frosty April Dawn’ (sunrise & dawn chorus)

A lovely frosty Sunday morning, out on Bretch Hill to the west of Banbury, to watch the sun rising over Crouch Hill; then looping around the woodland near North Newington to hear the dawn chorus in the woods.

Note that there is also a 1-minute YouTube short version available.

The title image for Ramblinactivist’s Video No.7 of 2022 ‘Ramblinactivist’s Videos’, 2022/7, 9th March 2022:

‘Venus, the Crescent Moon, and a Blackthorn Winter’s Dawn’

I hadn't intended to make this video, but the images from the walk, and the especially the music, were bugging me. Sometimes the only way to excise such demons is to make them whole. The original Monplaisir music track sounds nothing like it does here, but with a little knob-twiddling I was able to recreate how I heard it in my head after playing the track a few times that week.

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