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Landscape image, “You can go anywhere from Shutford Five-Ways”, 31st August 2013
“You can go anywhere from Shutford Five-Ways”, 31st August 2013

Photos are nice. They can capture a scene; but they can’t really capture a ‘moment’. When you’re immersed in the outdoors it’s the soundtrack you hear that can make an otherwise everyday scene more inspiring. That’s why, a few years ago, in addition to photographs I started to make the occasional video.

This area of the blog holds videos that feature the local landscape of Banburyshire, and occasionally, elsewhere.

Video Collection, 2022 & later

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The title image for Ramblinactivist’s Video No.25 of 2022 ‘Ramblinactivist’s Videos’, 2022/25, 8th August 2022:

John Woolman and Banbury’s Quaker Meeting House

In 1772, a Quaker went on a journey through England, visiting the meeting house in Banbury, to preach about the ills of slavery; a journey that would end with his death in York at the beginning of October. The words he spoke during his life are just as true today, and in the context of today’s materialistic society, are even more revolutionary than when he spoke them over 250 years ago.

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The title image for Ramblinactivist’s Video No.12 of 2022 ‘Ramblinactivist’s Videos’, 2022/12, 8th April 2022:

‘A Frosty April Dawn’ (sunrise & dawn chorus)

A lovely frosty Sunday morning, out on Bretch Hill to the west of Banbury, to watch the sun rising over Crouch Hill; then looping around the woodland near North Newington to hear the dawn chorus in the woods.

Note that there is also a 1-minute YouTube short version available.

The title image for Ramblinactivist’s Video No.7 of 2022 ‘Ramblinactivist’s Videos’, 2022/7, 9th March 2022:

‘Venus, the Crescent Moon, and a Blackthorn Winter’s Dawn’

I hadn't intended to make this video, but the images from the walk, and the especially the music, were bugging me. Sometimes the only way to excise such demons is to make them whole. The original Monplaisir music track sounds nothing like it does here, but with a little knob-twiddling I was able to recreate how I heard it in my head after playing the track a few times that week.

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The title image for Ramblinactivist’s Video No.1 of 2022 ‘Ramblinactivist’s Videos’, 2022/1, 1st January 2022:

‘Winter Solstice Plus One’

Another dawn, another frost, and hence cause for another walk. Except this time there’s an added impetus: The Winter Solstice. The landscape, now asleep, will wake in the coming weeks to give a new Spring, another Summer, and the promise of an Autumn with a harvest of roots, fruits, and seeds. Our ancient ancestors knew that, and marked its significance.

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