Mission control, ~2000.
So much communication potential, so little real human contact!
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Contacting Paul Mobbs

If you need to get in touch with ‘Ramblinactivist’, here are the details.

Getting in touch with me, in this digital age of ubiquitous connectivity, is relatively difficult compared to most. If you need to get in touch these are the options.

I have no mobile phone. And when travelling, or working on projects, I can be out of contact for some time.

Note that having a large social media following, and having had the same email address for 30 years, I tend to get a lot of junk mail. For that reason the contact details below are necessarily cryptic.

To get in contact

Generally I communicate via email, though as I travel a lot I do not always check email or social media messages regularly. While you can message me via Facebroke or Twatter, I don’t check those as often as email.

To get in touch with me directly please email:

mobbsey gn ° apc & org

(replacing the symbols with the appropriate characters)

If you wish to send something ‘physical’ via the post, you'll have to email first. Likewise though I can accept encrypted data via email, I do not do this routinely.

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