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‘Ramblinactivist’ Paul Mobbs’ work-related occasional blog – which examines the troublesome and often difficult meanings behind today’s news and events rather than simply repeating the ‘conventional wisdom’ of the mass/social media

This page lists the most recent five to ten blog posts and videos. Most posts are available as both HTML (web) pages and A4 PDF files you can download. Video posts are usually a shorter page or script with a link to the video hosted on YouTube.

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Wanted: UK-based literary agent
I’m looking for an agent interested in representing a rather unorthodox writer like myself. Please apply here.

September 2021

A hand hold a copy of ‘Ecological Economics For Humanity’s Plague Phase’ ‘A Book (or report) in 5 Minutes’, no.3, 15th September 2021:

‘Ecological Economics For Humanity’s Plague Phase’ (2020)

Each morning the Sun comes up. We instinctively know this. The problem is that in the modern world, people sometimes find it difficult to tell the difference between: Natural phenomena – like the Sun rising; and the grandiose myths we tell ourselves – like the functioning of the economy.

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A hand takes a copy of 'The Limits to Growth' from a shelf ‘A Book in Five Minutes’, no.1, 1st September 2021:

‘The Limits to Growth’ (1972)

Published in 1972, and shrouded in controversy since that date, ‘The Limits to Growth’ is the most successful econometric projection ever made, and a groundbreaking ecological book that the environment movement itself has a deep-seated fear of discussing in public.

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August 2021

Image of a happy drone The ‘Meta-Blog’, no.15, 12th August 2021:

‘On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a drone’ – Are you selling your soul to whack the YouTube algorithm?

YouTube has become a warped subliminal marketplace; a confidence trick of misdirection. Digitally disembodied people pretend to be your best friend, while the platform they use fleeces your computer of as much information as possible in order to commodify your soul.

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May 2021

March 2021

January 2021

blogimg Ramblinactivist's videos 2021/2, Sunday 17th January 2021:

Ramblinactivist 2021/2: ‘The President’s Parting Shot’: A Reflection on Threats and Resilience

Exactly sixty years ago, President Eisenhower give his ‘farewell address’ to the American nation; known today for popularising the term “military-industrial complex” . Today though this has arguably morphed into the “military-industrial-entertainment complex”, so intermeshed have those arms of modern society become.

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blogimg Ramblinactivist's videos 2021/1, Sunday 17th January 2021:

Ramblinactivist 2021/1: ‘A review of the last 30 years, and a look ahead’

In 1991 I quit my join in engineering and become a full-time eco-freak. I thought I’d last six months; a year tops till the money ran out. Well, the money’s been running out for thirty years this year, and I’m still (barely!) keepin’ on keepin’ on.

In this short review I look at some of what has been. More importantly I drop a few ideas about where I’ll be going next. Most of all, I just want to share with you the fact that we’re still here (barely!) and we have all to play for – if you’re willing to raise the lifestyle stakes *low* enough!

December 2020

blogimg The ‘Meta-Blog’, no.11, 30th December 2020:

What was your ‘2020 Vision’?

In the endless picking-over of the events of 2020, now and in the future, how many will care to inspect their past tendency to always project a rosy future irrespective of its demonstrable flaws?

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October 2020

blogimg The ‘Meta-Blog’, no.8, 6th October 2020:

Boris bullshits the greens (again); and they swallow it (again!)

Just because something sounds nice and positive doesn’t mean it actually is; and with this government, that’s seemingly guaranteed – especially where it concerns the environment. Why do highly-paid green campaigners, working for the groups who claim to represent the ‘public interest’, keep pliantly falling for the bullshit rather than calling it out?

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blogimg Ramblinactivist's videos 2020/2, Saturday 3rd October 2020:

“Rules Britannia, Britannia Breaks the Rules”

Recently the media have been complaining that the British Government intends to “break international law” as part of Brexit. In practise these complaints highlight the media’s historic silence when the British Government has routinely broken international law before; in particular, our involvement in foreign conflicts involving the USA and ‘Western’ interests.

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