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‘The Meta-Blog’

‘Ramblinactivist’ Paul Mobbs’ work-related occasional blog – examining the troublesome and often difficult meanings behind today’s news and events rather than repeating the ‘conventional wisdom’ of the mass/social media.

‘The Meta-Blog’ – Posts ‘1’ to ‘10’ (2019-2020)

blogimg The ‘Meta-Blog’, no.3, 3rd July 2019:

“I am calling you from BT’s technical department...”

To ‘resist’ the rise of a machine-dominated world, that begins not in politics or economics, but in the way you manage your interaction with all technology: From which operating system you use; through to how you respond to cold callers through to the browser add-on you install to block all those exploitative extra downloads. And yes, “it’s difficult”. Truly though, that fact it is difficult is what ‘they’ are relying upon in order to defraud or manipulate you.

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Screenshot from the film of, 'Billion Dollar Brain' The ‘Meta-Blog’, no.7, 29th May 2020:

Thermal insulation? Yes, you can have too much of a good thing

“We just need houses to be more efficient”, I was told. That’s the problem with people who make (or is it, repeat?) simplistic statements. To make successful change within the world around us, first understand the limits to the changes that you want to enact.

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Screenshot from the film of, ‘I Love You, Alice B. Toklas’ The ‘Meta-Blog’, no.8, 6th October 2020:

Boris bullshits the greens (again); and they swallow it (again!)

Just because something sounds nice and positive doesn’t mean it actually is; and with this government, that’s seemingly guaranteed – especially where it concerns the environment. Why do highly-paid green campaigners, working for the groups who claim to represent the ‘public interest’, keep pliantly falling for the bullshit rather than calling it out?

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