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‘Ramblinactivist’ Paul Mobbs’ work-related occasional blog – examining the troublesome and often difficult meanings behind today’s news and events rather than repeating the ‘conventional wisdom’ of the mass/social media.

‘The Meta-Blog’ – Posts ‘11’ to ‘20’ (2020-2022)

Screenshot from the film, ‘Casablanca’: “Play ‘La Marseillaise’. Play it!” The ‘Meta-Blog’, no.11, 30th December 2020:

What was your ‘2020 Vision’?

In the endless picking-over of the events of 2020, now and in the future, how many will care to inspect their past tendency to always project a rosy future irrespective of its demonstrable flaws?

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An image of a happy drone (Locutus of Borg) The ‘Meta-Blog’, no.15, 12th August 2021:

‘On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a drone’ – Are you selling your soul to whack the YouTube algorithm?

YouTube has become a warped subliminal marketplace; a confidence trick of misdirection. Digitally disembodied people pretend to be your best friend, while the platform they use fleeces your computer of as much information as possible in order to commodify your soul.

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General Jack Ripper, from 'Dr Strangelove' The ‘Meta-Blog’, no.17, 2nd October 2021:

‘Weaponising Space Debris’ – Britain, DARC, and the military’s control of space

Britain is to become part of a US network to ‘dominate space’. The UK government are promoting this as a way to create greater ‘security’ for our technological lifestyle. The reality about what this system is for, and the US military’s strategy behind it, is somewhat different to that public message of greater security.

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Opening scene from the 1993 TV production of 'Stark', by Ben Elton The ‘Meta-Blog’, no.18, 25th October 2021:

‘Forgotten, but not gone’ – How governments have deliberately ignored the safety of contaminated sites in England, and why climate change makes this worse

This is an over thirty-year long story about my involvement with contaminated sites, and helping communities to get action to clean them up. This tale is innately connected to my home town, Banbury. It’s an average small town; a backwater on the border between the Midlands and the South East. Yet in the 1980s, this place taught me about the issues of waste and land contamination. Not because it was exceptional, but because these issues affect communities across Britain.

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