“Do not stare into the Kelly Kettle,
lest the Kelly Kettle stares back into thee”

Coming soon…

‘Long Walks and Anarcho-Primitivism’: A blog about the ecological and psychological dimensions of regularly spending time outdoors – and why this can be a gateway to radical lifestyle change

nettle_tea On the left, this is me, doing what I love – spending time outdoors walking and foraging.

That image is a still from a video which showed how to make a simple grate to cook on outdoors. It was making that video which was the starting point for this work. It began a discussion, and that discussion ended up here – with this new section of the web site.

At the root of this discussion is a very simple question: “What if, one day, everything just stopped; could you survive?”.

ramblinactivistExcept as apocalyptic disaster films or mind-numbing documentaries, society doesn’t really like to address that question. And even when people do address those points ‘seriously’, don’t expect to appear in the mainstream media with that.

That’s because the moment you raise the question seriously, you invalidate the daily, mindless, care-free consumer existence that our modern affluent society seeks to project. And even when those TV shows or newspaper articles do open this box of horrors, there’s inevitably an “and finally” point at the end; when they give some abstract and unlikely techno-fix that will save you from this-or-that problem, enabling you to go back to sleep once more.

There’s quite a bit written for the new project. Unfortunately Covid regs. rather restricted my ability to go out and finish shooting the videos to go with that. Once lockdown is lifted the posts will be uploaded as each accompanying video is complete.

mobbsey-01 That is what this series will explore: How it is possible to learn to live “when the lights go out”, and to do that very easily and cheaply. How, by spending time developing practical skills outdoors – outside of the restrictions of today’s everyday ‘normality’ – you can learn to move beyond the restrictions of that life as the inevitable breakdown of ‘normality’ grinds inexorably forward over the next 10 to 20 years.