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Cooking on a small stick fire – the antidote to fossil-fuelled camping.

Long Walks & Anarcho-Primitivism:

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This is an index of the blog posts in Long Walks & Anarcho-Primitivism, Paul Mobbs’ blog on lifestyle change and simplicity, exploring the ecological and psychological dimensions of regularly spending time outdoors

This page provides an index for the Long Walks & Anarcho-Primitivism video & blog posts. This is intended the be a practical blog. To that end you can view the YouTube playlist containing all the videos associated with this blog. The videos are an integral part of the blog, as they show the activities which each blog post describes.

This index provides a list in chronological order.

Long Walks & Anarcho-Primitivism:

A Kelly Kettle being used to brew nettle tea in the countryside Long Walks & A/P, Part 6, New Flower Moon 2022:

‘Kelly Kettles and the Practise of Zero Carbon Cooking Outdoors’

Metal containers for boiling water are ‘ancient’; but what do you think ancient Greek (their word, ‘kotyle’) or Roman people used to heat their pans? Electricity? Kerosine? Compressed petroleum gas? Heating water is foundational to human society – a technology that defines us. How do we maintain that skill in an increasingly uncertain world?

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