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Welcome to the Free Range Activism Website – FRAW. Since 1996 this website has been maintained by Paul Mobbs as a resource for grassroots activists, and an archive of the activities of the Free Range Network. The site contains the publications and information produced by the Network, as well as housing Paul Mobbs' on-line archive of his investigations and research work.

Major site reorganisation on FRAW – March/April 2015

We're anticipating big changes ahead. For that reason the three gigabytes of content on the FRAW site is being completely reorganised.
Much of the existing Free Range content is going to be put into an archive to make way for new work over 2015/16. The Library is going to be reworked, as are the links/news sections.
You may find that some existing content moves, or disappears altogether – sorry for the hassle, and we hope to be back up ASAP.

Paul Mobbs action image 0Please note that this site is not intensively maintained – much of our content has been here for years. The purpose in maintaining this site is to make useful information available the public, campaigners and researchers. Back in the 1990s that consisted mostly of scanned government guidance and reports. Now that this is done by government itself we specialise in hosting technical/scientific information useful for campaigns and community organising.

Note that the content of the FRAW site – unless otherwise stated – is made available under non-commercial open licences. For more information about what this is, and what we encourage you to do with our information, goto the copyright/sharing page. If you'd like to get in touch with FRAW or the Free Range Network, goto the contacts page.