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As an unstructured collective the Network doesn't do meetings, private events, etc. Instead this site collects the work produced under the Free Range ‘umbrella’ and makes it available on-line.

The section below provides a list of the latest updates. Otherwise browse through the site to find out about the Network, our occasional blog posts, our work on various ‘themes’ that interest us, and our main and most regularly updated resource, The ‘WEIRD’ Journal.

Latest updates to the Free Range site

These are the updates to the Free Range Network's website for the last year, in reverse chronological order (most recent first):

A picture of Boris Johnson looking sillier than usual Free Range Network, 21st January 2022:

Time to Reboot the Website;
More to Follow!

A New Year's Message to the Muggled Masses: For the last few years the Free Range Network has been rather 'quiet', for a whole number of reasons; with the world finally grinding back into motion following the populist pandemical paranoia, that period is now coming to an end. It’s time to 'reboot' – time to try a new approach.

WEIRD issue no.6 cover page WEIRD - 'Thinking Beyond Technology', Yule 2021:

Issue No.6: ‘The Ecological 'Lie of the Land'’

An edition for the long dark nights on why a radical change to property rights in Britain is essential to changing our global impact, looking at UK 'land rights' in the context of the ecological crisis, not simple land ownership.

WEIRD issue no.5 cover page WEIRD - 'Thinking Beyond Technology', Mabon 2021:

Issue No.5: “Research for the End of Your 'Normal' Everyday Existence”

A special edition on the white-heat of eco-research about British consumption 'on-the-never-Neverland'. In summary: We are not in a situation of having ‘problems’ with ‘possible solutions’; we are in a ‘predicament’ with only a few, mostly unwelcome ‘outcomes’ to choose from.

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