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A picture of Boris Johnson looking sillier than usual Free Range Network, 21st January 2022:

Time to Reboot the Website;
More to Follow!

A New Year's Message to the Muggled Masses: For the last few years the Free Range Network has been rather 'quiet', for a whole number of reasons; with the world finally grinding back into motion following the populist pandemical paranoia, that period is now coming to an end. It’s time to 'reboot' – time to try a new approach.

USAF Croughton March & Rally Picture Gallery CroughtonWatch YouTube video, October 2020:

USAF Croughton March & Rally Picture Gallery

A collection of photos of the Oxfordshire Peace Campaign’s annual march and rally outside USAF Croughton, spanning 2016 to 2019, marking the global ‘Keep Space for Peace’ week each October. Although we can’t be there this year, we mark the event this year with a look back at the past year's events, with a music and works specially created by The Oxford Sea Green Singers.

Boris Johnson in the freezer Free Range Network, 17th December 2019:

“We live in a democracy”: Can you show me some evidence of that?

It has become a well-worn trope to blame our disconnected politics on problems with political parties. What if, however, the problem isn’t simply that people are not supporting political parties; what if the deeper problem is that people no longer see politics as having agency in their lives? – and so are not voting.

The Free Range Network’s ‘UK Democracy Chart’ maps election statistics from the last century to show the growing mis-match between people and the politicians they elect – and can be downloaded as an A2 or A3 poster.

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