‘Mabon’, the Autumn Equinox, an auspicious day (well, no worse than any other) to have a walk to see the sunset, pick some blackberries, and then wander into the twilight to celebrate the lengthening evenings.

‘Mabon Sunset’, 22nd September 2021
‘Mabon Sunset’, 23rd September 2021.
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Leaving a bit late, I decide to head for Crouch Hill as it has both a high viewpoint and blackberries. Before reaching the top I could see the red sun; but on passing over the top it had gone.

A thick cloud bank was moving in from the west, and was sitting just above the horizon, masking the setting sun. Well, that should make for some interesting low light conditions later.

Images recorded on a walk to pick blackberries south-east of the town, 22nd September 2021.
The music track, ‘Mabon Sunset’ (click to download MP3 of music track from the video), was inspired by the rhythms of the walk.

From Crouch Hill I descend down onto Salt Way, and continue to head out of town into the approaching dusk. After walking down along the long cavernous ancient track I arrive back to reality, negotiating the cars on Broughton Road. Then in Giant’s Caves I take a moment to pause, and enjoy the sound of the birds in the thickets and the rising wind – now speedily blowing wispy dark clouds across the deepening blue sky.

In this video I compress what is an hour or so’s walk down into five minutes. As well as trying to engineer the atmosphere of the evening walk in the images, I’ve also put together an original music track to accompany the video. Note, one of the interesting things I learned this evening was that image stabilisation doesn’t like low light, so you may find the video a little jumpy in places.

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