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Banburyshire’s Ancient Sites:

List of Sites

Landscape image, ‘The Wroxton Fingerpost’
‘The Wroxton Fingerpost’

‘Banburyshire’s Ancient Sites’ is a guide to the standing stones, earthworks, historic features, and sacred sites, that are part of the landscape of North Oxfordshire and the surrounding hills. Each site has a dedicated page with descriptions, pictures, maps, and links to other sources of information. The following pages list these sites, grouped according to six general types:

Landscape image for ‘Medieval’
‘Banbury Lane Bridge’, 3rd September 2012

Sites List: ‘Medieval’

This page gives a list of the ‘Medieval’ sites in the ‘Banburyshire Ancient Sites’ guide.

This is a new area, as the ‘Ancient Sites’ guide steps forward into the Medieval over 2022 and 2023, in particular some of the ancient churches and historic hamlets in the area. Though many of these sites and buildings have been radically changed over the centuries, it is still possible to glimpse the world as it existed before land inclosure and industrialisation.

Landscape image, ‘Banbury Lane Bridge’, 3rd September 2012
The Cherwell Bridge, Banbury Lane

Many people don’t know it’s there: A Medieval stone bridge; buried beneath a Victorian brick bridge; that most travel over every day without a thought. It is one of the oldest standing structures in the town, and directly related to the story of the town’s historic development.

Landscape image, ‘Minster Lovell Hall’
Minster Lovell Hall

Minster Lovell Hall has a surreal quality; especially if the weather adds to the atmosphere. It’s a classic ‘ruin’, but at the same time you can see that centuries of less reverent visitors have scrawled graffiti over many parts of it (a practise common before modern times). And while today it seems a backwater, the history of the site ties it to some major events in history.

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