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Banburyshire’s Ancient Sites:

List of Sites

Landscape image, ‘The Wroxton Fingerpost’
‘The Wroxton Fingerpost’

‘Banburyshire’s Ancient Sites’ is a guide to the standing stones, earthworks, historic features, and sacred sites, that are part of the landscape of North Oxfordshire and the surrounding hills. Each site has a dedicated page with descriptions, pictures, maps, and links to other sources of information. The following pages list these sites, grouped according to six general types:

Landscape image for ‘Other Features’
‘North Leigh Roman Villa’, 20th March 2019

Sites List: ‘Other Features’

This page gives a list of the ‘Other Features’ (i.e., difficult to categorise) sites in the ‘Banburyshire Ancient Sites’ guide.

This section contains a miscellanea of features that don’t fit into the general description of ‘ancient sites’. Some may be Roman or Saxon rather than ‘pre-history’ sites; others are more recent sites that are still remarkable features in the landscape.

Landscape image, ‘Arbury Hill and the source of the River Nene’
Arbury Hill

Arbury Hill is a curiously auspicious location: It’s one of the highest points in The Irondowns, and is the ‘county top’ of (what was) Northamptonshire; it sits at the central watershed of the South Midlands, near the line of a number of ancient green lanes, and is the boundary of three local parishes; and, unfortunately, it’s one of the most interesting but inaccessible hills in the area.

Landscape image, ‘A Misty Sunrise on Crouch Hill’, 20th January 2016
Crouch Hill

Crouch Hill is a popular informal space for walking and taking-in the view on the edge of Banbury. From around the flanks and from the modern concrete monolith of the trig point at its summit, the hill is a wonderful viewpoint over the local landscape for up to thirty miles. What many people do not realise is that the summit of Crouch Hill is quite possibly not natural.

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