Banburyshire Rambles Photo-Journal

Paul Mobbs’ photographic record of his walks around ‘Banburyshire’ and ‘The Irondowns’, and occasionally, as part of his work around Britain, the areas beyond.

‘Last Chance (HS)To See’ – Soundscape 4:

‘Halse Copse’

On the edge of the HS2 trackway, the sounds from within Halse Copse propagate out across the field.

11th April 2019

Halse Copse is a home for birds and a shelter for local hares, in the path of HS2. From the footpaths around, the sounds from within the woodland echo across the landscape.

This is the top of a long arcing ridge, bridging the local boundary between the river catchments of The Wash and The Thames. Away from the flat ridgeline, in the steep-cut small valleys, much of it still pasture on the lumpy boulder clay beneath. As a result the copses and hedgerows roundabout are one of the more easy places to see wildlife absent in other parts of the local area.

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