Information & resources created by the ‘Free Camping’ Project

A list of information resources in reverse chronological order (most recent first):

New resources (lockdowns permitting) will be created over 2022
in the meantime here are resources from ‘The Great Outdoors’ Project.

An image of 'The Stick-fire Cooking Grate' Free Range Network, 18thJanuary 2022:

‘The Stick-fire Cooking Grate’

As part of the creation of the ‘Free Camping’ microsite, the pages for the Stick-fire Cooking Grate have been upgraded with some slight revisions.

'Carbon, Campfires, Cooking & English Land Rights' poster Free Range Network, June 2017:

Carbon, Campfires, Cooking & English Land Rights (PDF file)

The are some innocuous uses of fossil fuels which go largely unnoticed. One such example is camping outdoors. Camping shops sell a variety of stoves fuelled by gas, liquid petrol or methanol, or chemical-based solid fuel compounds. Thing is, if you’re outdoors, is the use of fossil fuels necessary?

'Private, Keep Out!' graphic Free Range Network, 2007-2010:

The Great Outdoors Project – handouts

‘The Great Outdoors’ were produced between 2007 and 2010 to run with our outdoors camping workshops. Each covers a different practical aspect of camping – including (sheet O9) how camping skills can be used indoors in the event of emergencies.