The battle is not against ‘powers and principalities’;
the true battle is against ‘entropy’!

Paul Mobbs & MEIR:

‘Limits to Technology’

Limits to Technology examines the role of resource depletion and the ecological limits to human society's future use of ‘technological systems’ – a broad term covering not only our use of computers and mobile technologies, but also the electronics, metals and chemical components of everyday goods and products, and the latest ‘green technologies’.

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At present I am revising the ‘Less’ work, to bring it back as a new presentation – and as part of that process my ‘Limits to Technology’ work must be updated too. These pages will be reloaded as that process is completed.

annoted ‘Limits to Technology’ presentation (PDF)

Until that process is complete you can still download the Annotated ‘Limits to Technology’ Presentation Notes (PDF format)