Paul Mobbs & MEIR:

The Quiet Militarisation of West Wales’ Skies

For decades the military has fenced-off of large areas of the hills of Wales, and used the region’s valleys for pilot training. Now a new phase is about to begin, with the use of Wales’ landscape for the testing of ‘drones’.

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It was an off-chance remark I had heard, about drone operations being run out of the ‘West Wales Airport’ at Aberporth, and that American companies were involved.

Investigating further I found that the Civil Aviation Authority had recently granted a low level flight corridor from Aberporth to the Army’s Sennybridge Ranges near the Brecon Beacons.

The immediate question: Armed drones?

The result, for a coalition of peace and green groups in Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire, was an article in The Ecologist, and a poster for them to use at public events in the local area.

The following resources are available:

The Ecologist: drone imageWest Wales – the hills are abuzz with the sound of drones, 25th March 2014

drones poster

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to download the A3 PDF of ‘The Quiet Militarisation of West Wales' Skies’ poster, 2014.

aberporth ranges

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to download the PDF of ‘Aberporth Range Map’, 2011.

sennsybridge ranges

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to download the PDF of ‘Aberporth-Sennybridge Range Map’, 2011.