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Paul Mobbs, Mobbsey's Musings, 17th April 2018:

The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics: The gaping hole in the middle of the Circular Economy

Why the latest buzz-phrase in consumer sustainability – the Circular Economy – is not only failing to tackle the core problem, but why it is doomed to fail

Paul Mobbs, Drill or Drop, 31st January 2018:

For all its faults, “fracking” is not the issue here…

Approaching my tenth year of research on unconventional oil and gas in Britain, it has become clear that the true struggle has little to do with regulations, or technology, or the pursuit of fossil fuels, and everything to do with the failure of our national political dialogue.

Paul Mobbs, Mobbsey’s Musings, 4th August 2017:

Methane clathrate – fossil fuel’s last desperate hope

Extreme Energy is a term which encompasses many different forms of ‘unconventional’ energy resources. From fracking, to tar sands, to some types of renewable energy which take more energy and carbon to produce than they save (mostly plant biomass) – these ‘extreme’ energy sources represent the last hope of the global energy corporations. Why this is so tells a much greater truth about the global commitment to address climate change.

Click here to download the PDF of the poster version of this article.

Paul Mobbs, The Ecologist, 24th May 2017:

Whitehall‘s fracking science failure: shale gas really is worse for climate than coal

The UK government claim that fracking is a 'clean' energy source rests on the conclusions of a single scientific paper, writes Paul Mobbs. And now that paper has been conclusively invalidated: it uses misleading figures that understate the methane emissions from fracking, and subsequent findings have left it totally discredited. Yet the paper is still being quoted to justify fracking, and the fool the public on its climate change impacts.

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Paul Mobbs, The Ecologist, 25th March 2013:

West Wales – the hills are abuzz with the sound of drones

In rural West Wales, with no public consultation, the Ministry of Defence and QinetiQ are about to launch a new era in drone technology and experimentation. Paul Mobbs reports on Wales's role in a legally dubious future of mass surveillance and remote killing.

Click here to download the PDF of of ‘The Quiet Militarisation of West Wales' Skies’ poster, 2014.

Click here to download the PDF of ‘Aberporth Range Map’, 2011.

Click here to download the PDF of ‘Aberporth-Sennybridge Range Map’, 2011.