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Weaponising Big Data

This site is the home of the ‘Weaponising Big Data’ Project, a Free Range research project on the military and intelligence sites in Britain that are preparing for offensive cyberwarfare and automated state surveillance.

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UK Cyberwarfare & Surveillance Sites:

9. Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6)

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As Britain’s foreign covert operations agency, and in co-ordination with GCHQ, MI6 has involvement with all aspects of Britain’s foreign unconventional and cyber-operations.

About this site

Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) Building – more generally known
as ‘MI6’ – (beige & green frontage, left side); and the
US Embassy London (square block on the right)
– viewed from Albert Embankment

More information will be uploaded about this site as the project is able to collect/collate it.

Articles and reports on this site

☮ New Statesman – MI6 is expanding its cyber directorate to adapt to a new era of espionage, chief reveals, 4th December 2018
MI6 is adapting to the rise of “fourth generation espionage” by hiring a new cohort of skilled tech specialists, the head of the intelligence agency has announced. Speaking at St Andrews University last night, Alex Younger revealed that the agency’s “cyber” directorate was growing faster than any other as it contends with a new era of hybrid warfare.