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(updated Autumn 2017)

'The Overview', Part 1 –

Many people don't really understand what electrohippies are. What they primarily see is the coverage of our involvement in big, global protests – but that's only because this was the aspect of our work the media chose to cover.

The media never showed any interest in other aspects of our work, such as helping to create support and training networks for campaigners, journalists and human rights workers living under repressive regimes. They certainly would never make the link to our work on the problems of expanding intellectual property rights.

To give a clearer idea of what we're about, this 'overview' gives a brief review of the world-view of "an electrohippie." Not simply 'what' we have done, but some of the background to how that process happened.

This is rather a long piece, split into ten parts, but that's because it has a forty-year-long tale to tell.

We outline the genesis of digital campaigning, digital activism, and from that the electrohippie collective itself. Perhaps most importantly, we'll outline how the scene has changed over recent years, and why – in our view – the focus of digital activism my be about to take a new, more political direction.

And, as we're often contacted by researchers and students, the whole page is festooned with useful links and videos outlining the issues covered in more depth.

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