Paul Mobbs, working in 'The Container', 2003

Photo-diary: Camille in the Mac corner
Things really got going today. The problems with the client systems solved, lined up machine after machine and began installing on a production line. By the end of the day, most of the clients work fully functional and networked. To make life easier, I also banned people from my side of the table so that I could jump between the three our four machines I had installing at any one time.

Photo-diary: Camille in the Mac corner
Meanwhile, other activities continue. With functioning Macs, Camille and Lisa worked with different people using video. Later in the evening a group of people got together to produce a music video. A film crew was formed, and with people crying 'quiet on set' the performance by car headlights. It sounded really good, but I was still bashing away in installations so I couldn't go and look.

Photo-diary: Mikeworking on the Macs
Mike got to work on the Macs at the 'media' end of the container. Lisa's been working on installing the two Compaq boxes that Mike and Camille brought with them as Linux clients for the network. So soon we'll hopefully by fully functional as a digital media lab.

Photo-diary: The Saturday night performance
That evening (being Saturday), lots of people came calling. I think most of them were really interested in how much has been done.

Photo-diary: Carwash included! Photo-diary: Carrot getting into the sound
Hectic day! But I think we can get everything up by tomorrow or the day after.

Photo-diary: Camille editing a usic video

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