Paul Mobbs, working in 'The Container', 2003

Photo-diary: Dinner?
Beginning to get used to the heat, so moving around isn't too much of a hassle. I've also discovered one of the really nice things about Jamaica – fresh food! If it isn't gowing in the ground or on the trees, then it's walking around you!

Work continues to get the racks finished under the central table. We can then securely hang the computer boxes from these. Also during the day, a lorry tipped some gravel on the space in front of The Container. A prelude to the arrival of a demonically possessed grader crew who levelled it out in a couple of minutes.

Later a local lad, Nembhard, brought down a computer box and wanted to know if I could do something with it. On the outside it said '386, but inside it has a 100MHz Pentium 1 on an AT motherboard – so we had a go.

We managed to find another working hard disk in the junk box, as well as a sound card and network adapter (I put in a network adapter so he can bring it down to The Container and plug it in). I also installed and extra 16MB of RAM from the bag of junked 72-pin memory I'd bought with me (making 32MB in total). Then we installed a system, put on some extra software, and The Container's first functional system sprang into life (playing a live version of Hendrix's Purple Haze).

Photo-diary: Instaling a box
It's the day before Good Friday, when everyone 'chills'. So we went to a sort of impromptu street party in Palmer's Cross and had a really good couple of hour's relaxation under the full moon and stars (except, I find the stars in Jamaica a little strange because they've shifted 25 degrees north).

Photo-diary: Carrot working on the power supply

Photo-diary: Grading the car park

Photo-diary: Installation

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