Paul Mobbs, working in 'The Container', 2003

Checked into Heathrow at 2pm UK time... I really don't like airports!

10 hours later, walking off the air-conditioned airplane into a late Jamaican evening I found myself uttering certain words uncontrollably – related to the term "isn't it hot". At least I understood one possible explanation of the 'warm Jamaican welcome' – but I think 'warm' is and understatement. Managed to get through immigration, with a little hassle because of all the equipment I was carrying. Eventually I got outside the airport where Mervin was waiting for me, and we sped off through Kingston to Spanish Town. Finally got to bed at about 1am Jamaican time – 7am UK time.

Photo-diary: Mervin, 'The Man with the Plan'
Next morning we went off to 'The Container'. This is situated in the small town of Palmer's Cross in Clarendon. It's a really nice rural Jamaican location, with a large, yellow ISO container in the middle of it, opposite the local school.

Work is still going on to finish the inside of The Container. There'd been some problems with driving rain leaking around the windows, but it was being fixed. The metalwork to hold the computers under the central, long table was also just being fabricated.

Photo-diary: Keeping in the shade
The first thing I did was to go through every box of tac and make a list of precisely what we had. It was important to make sure thant we didn't need anything more brought over from the UK. So far, so good. Looks like we can put together around 10 client machines for people to use, and a couple of servers to network them together.

Photo-diary: Mervin, 'The Man with the Plan'

Mervin, 'the man with the plan'.

Photo-diary: Welding the racks Photo-diary: Inside the container

Work continues fabricating the metal equipment racks.

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