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This site is the home of the ‘Weaponising Big Data’ Project, a Free Range research project on the military and intelligence sites in Britain that are preparing for offensive cyberwarfare and automated state surveillance.

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UK Cyberwarfare & Surveillance Sites:

5. Northwood Headquarters

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Northwood Headquarters is the centre of British military power, where the political executive in London directs operations – including any nuclear strikes from Britain’s Trident submarines. Though not a core part of the unconventional/cyber-operations system, it will be involved in operations planning and co-ordination. The site also co-ordinates with US/NATO forces.

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More information will be uploaded about this site as the project is able to collect/collate it.

Articles and reports on this site

Britain's secret nuclear bunker: Buried 100ft down inside is the control room where the order to launch a strike would be given, Mail On-line, 15th September 2012
Andrew Preston is given unprecedented access to Northwood, the UK military’s nerve centre