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We've had many things written about us over the years – some nice, some nasty, sometimes on news blogs and sometimes in peer-reviewed academic papers. This page provides an index to a selection of our coverage, both critical and flattering, spanning the period 1999 to 2017 (there used to be a lot more, but a decade or so on it has slowly fallen off-line).

file icon Die 'Electrohippies' kommen, Telepolis (in German), Florian Rötzer 28th November 1999
file icon Eyewitness: The Battle of Seattle, BBC News, 2nd December 1999
file icon WTO Protest: Six charged after clashes in London as virtual sit-in starts, The Independent, 2nd December 1999
file icon Wikipedia: 'Electrohippies'
file icon Bob Dole: Let's Party, Declan McCullagh, Wired, 11th March 2000 (scroll about half-way through the page)
file icon Hunting hackers: How to fight back – As military security gets more effective, it filters out to private sector, Deborah Radcliff, February 11th 2000
file icon Hacktivism in the Cyberstreets, Alternet, May 30th 2000
file icon Political hacking: Crime or activism?, Kevin Komiega, SearchSecurity, 13th December 2000
file icon Net tightens around the hacktivists – Big corporations and governments want to curb the protests of the cyber hippies, Tania Branigan, The Guardian, Tuesday 2 January 2001
file icon Political hackers are modern freedom fighters, Will Knight, ZDNet, 8th March, 2001
Off-site PDF file icon 'Cyberterrorism': Testimony before the Special Oversight Panel on Terrorism, Dorothy Denning, 23rd May 2000
On-site HTML file icon Infowar: The Hacktivists – study guide, Patricia Kelly, 2001
file icon Hacktivists Target Trade Summit, Jeffrey Benner, 20th April 2001
file icon Campaigners take their fight online, Peter Griffin, New Zealand Herald, Tuesday 24th April 2001
On-site PDF file icon Summit under cyber-siege?, Lesia Stangret, MSNBC, 22nd April 2001
file icon May Day hysteria unfounded, say activists, Rachel Munro, ZDNet.co.uk, 30th April 2001
file icon Mapping Hacktivism: Mass Virtual Direct Action (MVDA), Individual Virtual Direct Action (IVDA) And Cyber-wars, Tim Jordan, Open University, May 2001
file icon Hacker vigilantes strike back, CNN, 20th June 2001
file icon Netwar!: Part 1, Lew Koch, Vmyths.com, 4th July 2001
file icon Netwar!: Part 2, Lew Koch, Vmyths.com, 25th July 2001
file icon Netwar!: Part 3, Lew Koch, Vmyths.com, 22nd August 2001
On-site PDF file icon Hacktivists of the world divide, Kirsten Weisenburger, SecurityWatch, 2001
file icon Cyber Protests Related to the War on Terrorism: The Current Threat, US National Infrastructure Protection Centre (NIPC), November 2001
file icon The Digital Outlaws: Hackers as Imagined Communities, Henning Ziegler, Free University of Berlin, 2002
file icon 10 Downing Street website attacked in anti-war protest, Computer Weekly, 25th March 2003
file icon Corporate Cyberstalking: An Invitation to Build Theory, Paul Bocij, 2002
file icon 100,000 expected at London peace march, John Vidal, Guardian On-line, 22nd March 2003
file icon 10 Downing Street Web site attacked in antiwar protest, ITWorld, 25th March 2003
file icon Today's Tech-Dependent Activists, Amit Asaravala, Wired, 28th August 2003
file icon What Is Hacktivism? 2.0, metac0m, December 2003
file icon Civil Disobedience Online, Mathias Klang, University of Göteborg, Göteborg, Journal of Information Communication & Ethics in Society vol.2 p75-83, 2004
file icon Hacktivism and Cyberwars (entire book!), Tim Jordan and Paul A. Taylor, Routledge Press, 2004
file icon Building an Electronic Repertoire of Contention, Brett Rolfe, Journal of Social Movement Studies vol.4(1) p65-74, May 2005

file icon The Handbook Of Information And Computer Ethics, Kenneth Einar Himma and Herman T. Tavani (eds), Wiley, 2008

file icon Net Working/Networking: Citizen Initiated Internet Politics, Tapio Häyhtiö and Jarmo Rinne (Eds.), Tampere University Press, 2008

file icon A Moral Evaluation of Online Business Protest Tactics and Implications for Stakeholder Management, Beverly Kracher And Kelly D. Martin, Business and Society Review, vol.114 no.1 pp.59-83, 2009

file icon Democracy Discourses through the Internet Communication: Understanding the Hacktivism for the Global Changing, Nofia Fitri, Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, vol.1 no.2, April 2011

file icon The Rhetoric of the Web: The Rhetoric of the Streets Revisited Again, Brett Lunceford, Communication Law Review, vol.12 no.1, April 2012

file icon Examining Hacktivism as Performance: Through the Electronic Disturbance Theater and Anonymous, Shannon Hurst, Florida State University, 2013

file icon Why are Gandhi and Thoreau AFK?: In search for civil disobedience online, Jan-Peter Kleinhans, Uppsala University, May 2013

file icon Framing digital activism: The spectre of cyberterrorism, Fidele Vlavo, First Monday, vol.20 no.10, 5th October 2015

file icon Booters: Can Anything Justify Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks for Hire?, Douglas et al., Journal of Information Communication and Ethics in Society, March 2017

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