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This page relates the current updating and overhauls of content on the FRAW site, and where this might mean content is moved, deleted or updated

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Change is good

FRAW is now operating into its third decade of operations. It’s last major overhaul was around 2012/13. As the work of The Free Range Network has changed, a good part of the resources on the site no longer reflect either the focus of our work, or the ways in which we are now choosing to work together.

As a result we took the rather bold decision to ‘hit delete’; a lot of this site simply ‘disappeared’ on 15th July 2019.

Unfortunately the site has grown so large over the last decade, with so much inter-linked content, that we're going to have to start from scratch and rebuild. Parts will begin to return in phases, probably over the next year, with lots of new content as we do so.

goto Ramblinactivist’s ‘Meta-Blog’ However, as part of this process we're not simply ‘updating’. Our site was already a very simple, static web site. In this process we’ve decided that we will take a stand with regards the global trends of the on-line environment, so we're redesigning the entire site as a model of ‘low impact web design’.

As part of the reorganisation of Paul Mobbs’ on-line space, he will be starting a new blog.

As further changes are made they will be added to the headings in the ‘Work-in-Progress’ list below. For details of new content see the new ‘Updates’ page.


Here is a detailed breakdown of the changes from the old FRAW site, before 15th July 2019 when we deleted much of the content:

♽ ‘Paul Mobbs/Mobbs' Environmental Investigations’mostly deleted. The remaining content is being re-written and will move to a new address,
15th July 2019: Most of the content of the ‘Work Archive’ has been deleted. Some has been moved, and there are automatic redirections in place for the remaining material. If there is anything else which you can't find, please get in touch.
♽ ‘The Free Range Network’mostly deleted. The remaining content is being reorganised around a new page design and layout categories under a new set of ‘Themes’ – which will be developed over the coming year or so as we produce new material.
15th July 2019: All the material related to the ‘Protestagram’ has been put into the new ‘Free Range Activism Campaigns Kit’ Theme.
15th July 2019: All the material related to the ‘Stick-fire Cooking Grate’ has been put into the new ‘Wild Camping’ Theme.
15th July 2019:The basic layout of the new ‘CroughtonWatch Theme’ is up, but the revisions will not be completed until August. Other themes will follow shortly.
♽ ‘Free Range Library’mostly deleted. We're going through and deciding what files we will keep, and what we need to amend, but as there's over 1,200 files in the library that will take time. Most will become part of the new Free Range ‘Themes’ layout.
♽ ‘CroughtonWatch’reorganised; becoming a new ‘Theme’ at this address:
♽ ‘Banburyshire Rambles Journal’reorganised. The ‘scenes’ index has been deleted (takes too much space). The remaining content has moved to a new address,
♽ ‘Quaker Walks in North Oxfordshire’merged into the ‘Banburyshire Rambles Journal’.
♽ ‘Diogenes' Lamp’deleted, not to return. Some of the content will be recycled as part of the Free Range Network's layout.
♽ ‘Dinefwr Green Group’deleted, not to return.
♽ ‘Community-Linux Training Centre’deleted, not to return.
♽ ‘Salvage Server Project’deleted, not to return.
♽ ‘Great Outdoors Project’reorganised; becoming a new ‘Theme’ at this address:
♽ ‘Energy Beyond Oil Project’deleted, not to return.
♽ ‘The Project With No Name’deleted, not to return, we think.
♽ ‘The Edge’pushed over, deleted, not to return.
♽ ‘Rambling Radicals’deleted, not to return (we think they got lost).
‘electrohippies collective’no change
(we're not going to mess with them; they're psychos!).

We’re sorry if this causes you a problem. If there's anything in particular you’re trying to get hold of from the old site, please get in touch.