Adderbury Quaker Meeting House, Oxfordshire

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Paul Mobbs’ walks around North Oxfordshire and South Warwickshire's long Quaker history.

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Banbury has always had a history of dissent, from the Lollards of the Medieval era to the Puritans of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries.

In 1656 two Quakers from Cumberland on a ‘Mission to the South’ we're travelling from London to Bristol – taking a far longer route via Banbury because of it’s nationally-known history of religious dissent. That was the start of the first Quaker meetings in Banbury, formally established as Banbury Quaker Meeting in 1657, which today forms part of Banbury & Evesham Area Quaker Meeting. These pages take you on some routes around the deep Quaker history of the area, and the role Quakers have played in the development of the town.

Banburyshire Rambles Journal, Sunday 16th June 2019:

To Adderbury Gathering

I skirt the town centre to Banbury Quaker Meeting House, and after checking for walkers it's time to head-off cross-country to Adderbury – via the ‘alternative route’. Flooding prevents use of the shorter, prettier route (pretty precisely because it crosses the flat, wildflower-rich flood meadows). There's a brisk wind and the animated cloudscape promise heavy rain. I'm going to get wet!

Route: Banbury Meeting House, Bodicote, East Adderbury, Adderbury Meeting House; East Adderbury, Twyford, Oxford Canal, Banbury.

Metrics: Distance, 15.6km/9¾ miles; ascension, 145m/475ft; duration, 3¼ hours.