Banburyshire Rambles Photo-Journal

Paul Mobbs’ photographic record of his walks around ‘Banburyshire’ and ‘The Irondowns’, and occasionally, as part of his work around Britain, the areas beyond.

Banburyshire’s Ancient Sites:
The Rollright Stones

‘The Rollright Stones’ are not a single feature. It is made up of three distinct sites which span 1,500 years of history. Set within a landscape which gives views over a wide area, it sits upon an ancient route, The Cotswold Ridgeway, that spans England from east to west. Two miles away is The Jurassic Way, a Neolithic route running from Lincolnshire to Stonehenge.

Summary for ‘The Rollright Stones’:

Location: Rollright, Oxfordshire

Type: ‘Standing Stones & Circles’.

Condition: Restored, nationally significant megalithic site.

Access: Owned by a trust; usually open to the public but leave a donation in the box if no one is there.

OS Grid Ref.: SP296309

Further information: The Rollright Trust.

Walks posts for site:
    • Betwixt the Nortons.

To be honest, I’ve very few photos of The Rollright Stones. I deliberately went for a walk to collect the images shown here to remedy that.

With so many sites to choose from in the area, most of which do not have a busy road or flocks of tourists around them, I can’t say that’s been a loss for me. Having walked the area for many years, near to here and further afield, this is but one of many sites to see.

The important fact to grasp is that The Rollright Stones are not ‘a thing’. It is a set of monuments, spanning millennia, which occupy the landscape. That landscape extends well beyond this immediate site, to the many other related sites across North Oxfordshire as well as the ones just a mile or two from here; which has been one of the motivations for making the ‘Banburyshire Ancient Sites’ collection. You can better understand this site by seeing those others too.

To explain the details of each distinct part of The Rollright Stones complex, this area is divided into three pages:

The Rollright Stones, The King’s Men Circle
The King’s Men Circle.

Frozen in their dance, ‘The King’s Men’ hold their circle amidst the trees. These ancient stones are almost certainly not arranged as they were laid out, though the location has lost none of its splendour.

The Rollright Stones, The King Stone
The King Stone.

Standing alone on the far side of the road, The King Stone enigmatically surveys the view, still unable to see Long Compton.

The Rollright Stones, The Whispering Knights
The Whispering Knights.

Across the field from the circle stand a small close group of stones; the knights ‘whispering’ their treachery against The King and his Men, cast out to the edge of the site.

The Rollright Stones are a spectacular place to visit. What I hope you will appreciate is that they are but one of many in the area. If you are able to visit those places on foot you may be able to understand far more about this landscape, and how this small site fits into that much larger story.

Wallpapers of The Rollright Stones

There are a number of wallpaper images available to download for this site:

Wallpaper image, ‘The King Stone’‘The King Stone’.

Though chipped away at by Eighteenth Century souvenir hunters, the King Stone remains, enigmatically, trying to see Long Compton.
14th March 2019. (1920x1080 pixels)

Wallpaper image, ‘The King’s Men Circle’‘The King’s Men Circle’.

Even on a drab day, The King’s Men still have an air of mystery around them – their original shape and layout lost in the mists of time.
14th March 2019. (1920x1080 pixels)

Wallpaper image, ‘The Dancing Faeries’‘The Dancing Færies’.

Echoing to Shakespeare’s classic tale of supernatural play in an enchanted place, the three ‘færies’ dance a jig beside The King’s Men.
14th March 2019. (1920x1080 pixels)

Wallpaper image, ‘The King, transfixed’‘The King, transfixed’.

Rooted to the spot, within his circling spikes like a prisoner in the dock, The King stands mute against the oncoming storm.
14th March 2019. (1920x1080 pixels)