Halse Copse, Halse, Northamptonshire –
one-third will be clear felled for HS2

Last Chance
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Paul Mobbs’ photographic record along the route of the proposed HS2 railway through North & Mid-Buckinghamshire, North Oxfordshire, South Northamptonshire and South Warwickshire.

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Central Area Index

This map provides access to the images from the 'central' area, between Southam and Godington. Click on the numbers on the map to jump to the page for that scene:

central scenes map

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Of the entire route, this 'central' section is, for me, the one which will have the greatest impact. That's not just because it's 'close to my backyard'.

Thus far the attention has been given mainly to the Chilterns, and the landscape and biodiversity that exists there. However, it is the lack of development in this area – the hilly land where Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire meet – that for me makes the construction of HS2 a matter of concern.

Acessing the middle of area is most easily achieved using the 200 bus service from Banbury to Daventry, which takes you directly through the countryside along the HS2 route. For the bottom half use the 500 service from Banbury to Brackley.

The top part of the area is more complicated to get to from Banbury – requiring (with the demise of our direct services) changing buses in Daventry for Southam, or travelling to Leamington Spa to access the better served Warwickshire bus network.

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