Wild camping along Old Bath Road, Avebury, Wiltshire

Backpacks & Wild Camping

A page acting as a bridge between Paul Mobbs’ ‘work’ and ‘play’ – promoting wild camping as a means to learn low impact lifestyles.

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Backpacks & Wild Camping

This page is really a “work in progress”. As I develop some new materials I need somewhere to put some longer ‘backpack’ posts covering multiple days. As the rambles journal is only set-up for day-walks, a new ‘backpacking’ page seemed the next-logical location for it.

As well as posting details of multi-day excursions with my tent, in this page I will also post some of the materials I've been developing recently around the issue of backpacking and wild camping. This is part of a longer-term project being run with the Free Range Network.

Backpack posts

Backpacks Journal, Tuesday 30th April to Thursday 2nd May 2019:

A Beltane Backpack

Confined in bed for ten weeks after last November, I hatched a simple plan to get back into multi-day backpacking again: Wild camp for four days across the Wessex Downs; stopping only twice for water in Avebury and Marlborough; and all along the route, photographing as many of the lesser-known prehistoric sites as possible. 35 years after I first backpacked around the area, I’m looking forward to the walk with anticipation.

Route: Devizes, Cherhill Hill, Windmill Hill, Avebury, The Ridgeway, Fyfield Down, Marlborough.

Metrics: Distance, 48km/30 miles; ascension, 740m/2,400ft; duration, 3 days.

Related work

Free Range Themes, 25th June 2019:

Free Range Themes: ‘Wild Camping’

The new ‘Wild Camping’ themes has been set up. This bundles up the old Stick Fire Cooking Grate materials, and brings back the decade-old ‘Great Outdoors’ work, to create a new project – focussing on learning the skills of low impact living through camping and cooking outdoors. More information will be added over the Summer.