Banburyshire Rambles Photo-Journal

The Summer 2019 Index of Paul Mobbs’ photographic record to his walks around ‘Banburyshire’, and occasionally, as part of his work around Britain, the areas beyond

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Summer 2019 (July-September) Index

Banburyshire Rambles Journal, 17th August 2019:

“And it’s no small wonder”

I’m at the turnover point in my year, where traditionally one lot of work gets tidied away and another begins – with work trialled over the Summer in festival season being finalised to start new lectures and workshops for the next 9 months. This year, though, is radically different. I’m heading off on a different path, and that necessitates some reorganisation of the baggage I routinely carry with me… though I’m not sure how many “friends” will react to that.

Metrics: Distance, 6.1km/3⅘ miles; ascension 45m/150ft; duration, 1⅖ hours.

Banburyshire Rambles Journal, 10th August 2019:

“Wind blows, rain falls…”, but no time for a fire

A month of getting ready for the festival season, followed by a month of travelling around for talks and workshops, and returning to a couple of thousand unanswered emails and much else besides. Everything now squared away for another year I ponder what to do next, but first, my necessary remittance… time to go for a walk!

Metrics: Distance, 8.7km/5⅖ miles; ascension 155m/500ft; duration, 2½ hours.