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A Walk to Adderbury Meeting House for the Quarterly Quaker Meeting

Sunday 17th September 2017

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(January 2017)

Never been to a quaker meeting before? Read this leaflet to find out more of what it's all about.

Built in 1675, and largely unchanged since the early 18th Century, Adderbury Quaker Meeting House is one of the best preserved early meeting houses in Britain. Meetings still take place there four times a year on the third Sunday in March, June, September and December.

This 5¼ mile walk to Adderbury begins from Banbury Railway station at 11.30am. With a short detour past Banbury's Quaker landmarks, it leaves Banbury Quaker Meeting House at 12.30pm, going across the fields (with a pause for a picnic) to Adderbury Meeting House – arriving for the Quarterly Meeting at 2.30pm.

After the meeting it is possible to return to Banbury on the S4 bus, which leaves from near the Meeting House at 4.03pm (arriving at Banbury bus station at 4.25). Or you can continue on foot for the 4¾ (or optional 5¼) mile ramble across the fields back to Banbury rail station – arriving sometime between 5.30-6pm.

For further details and to reserve a place email quakerwalks@fraw.org.uk, or call Paul Mobbs on 01295 261864.