Banburyshire Rambles Photo-Journal:

Review of my favourite images from 2014

Another year passes. From the point of view of getting out into the countryside this wasn't such a good year. With work getting in the way I rambled about half as far in 2014 as in 2013 – 350 miles compared to 2013's 600 miles, with about 8.5 kilometres of climbing compared to 2013's 12.4km. I like to do 15 miles a week; this year, enslaved to a computer, and travelling extensively, I've done less than half of that.

Looking back over 2014's nearly 5,500 photos, the lack of distance didn't prevent me from seeing some wonderful sights: across Banburyshire; The Cotswolds; The Chilterns; as well as some special excursions to The Marches, Ironbridge and The Wrekin. I was soaked to the skin and baked dry. And though I didn't get to do any backpacking this year, while working at festivals I did manage to get out under canvas for a couple of weeks.

This page show my "favourite 36" of this year's images. There are many more I could have included, but you have to draw the line somewhere! The images are presented in chronological order. Let the presentation roll, and you can watch Spring turn to Summer, to Autumn, and then back to Winter.