Paul's Photo Journal:
2009-2013 Highlights

2014 marks the fifth year that I've been seriously photographing my local (and more remote) walks. As a result of doing some recent talks on walking in North Oxfordshire, and reviewing those images from the last four years, I've put together a slideshow of "the best bits".

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To view my latest images from 2014, goto the the 2014 photo journal main index. If you want to jump to the notes for the "Rambles Around the Banburyshire Countryside" talk (from which many of these images are taken), click here.

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PS: At various points above I mention "The John Woolman Walk", also known as The Walk for Peace. I initally walked 50 miles from near Towcester to Evesham in May 2011 to help a Quaker on a sponsored walk, following the 1772 route of John Woolman. When she injured herself in June, I completed the last 110 miles of the walk from Dent, across the Pennines and down Wensleydale to York. You can find out more about that here.

"Rambles Around the Banburyshire Countryside"

Many of the above photos form part of my recent presentation, "Rambles Around the Banburyshire Countryside". If you click on the 'click here for a map' link when each photo is displayed, you'll be taken to an Ordnance Survey map with a small red arrow which points to where the photo was taken.

Local information/maps

In addition to pretty pictures, an important part of the presentation is examining the inter-relationship between the landscape, local geology, and how that influences the natural world – and also how you can use this knowledge to improve the way you plan or improvise walks in the area:

The importance of using your local outdoors resource… to protect our most important landscapes!

One of the points I make, and one of the motivations for creating this talk, is that nationally some of our most important landscapes are being badly damaged by the weight of traffic from walkers and off-road cyclists – whilst in contrast the often wonderful countryside on people's doorsteps remains relatively underused.

Free Range Network Information Sheets

In the talk I mention about my work a few years ago on teaching "low impact living" skills by taking people camping. If you want to learn more practical information about walking and camping outdoors – and how that can help you think about living more sustainably – then goto the Free Range Network's Great Outdoors Information Sheets (also called 'The O-Series' of sheets).

In addition, I've also written a sheet for the Free Range Network on Wild Food and Foraging, which you might find interesting.

Being outdoors and the links to health and well-being

There's a lot of work being done now about the benefits to physical, and especially mental health from being outdoors.

…and finally!

I occasionally organise walks in the area – some historical, mostly around the town centre, and some countryside walks. If you want to find out if/when these are happening you should keep an eye on the events calendar on the Ideas for a Change web site.

If you'd like to receive (ir)regular emails about possible walks and other events around the Banbury area then you might consider joining the Alternative Banbury Email List, which Ideas for a Change have set up to help local groups network together. If we are organising a walk, details will be emailed around that list.

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