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Wilf's First PC Build Day

Wilf has been using Linux since he was nearly three. From nearly four he has been able to boot-up a Linux system and log into his user account. Now, at five and a half, he's going to build his first PC (with a little help from his Dad).

This is my motherboard!

This is my motherboard. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My Dad's given it to me so that I don't keep having to use his computer.

PC case (empty) Bench assembly

We put the PC together on the workbench first, to make sure that it worked. Then we found a case to put it in.

Motherboard mounted Cables attached to board Power supply attached

Connect the drives

When everything was in the box, and the screws tightened, I plugged in the cables.

Fix the power supply in place

Then I put the 'skin' back on the case and put the screws in....

Fixing on the 'skin'

All finished!

...and my first PC was finished!