Paul Mobbs, working in 'The Container', 2003

Photo-diary: The Container
The Easter holidays mean I've had a couple of days off. Really useful, as I've been able to catch up with a backlog of work I had before leaving for Jamaica. It's been hot, with lots of rain – the back end of the earliest tropical storm in recorded history.

Photo-diary: Gamers play on the clients
The Container's really beginning to look like a computer centre now. People are beginning to come in an play with the equipment... all day. So space has been a bit cramped.

Photo-diary: Working into the night Most of today has involved getting the racks for the computer's finished off. I've been helping out with that, as well as building and installing a server to run the network. I also put together a Pentium II machine as a Linux client for the network (we've been told we can expect two more Pentium II machines, which can also be set up as Linux clients).

Photo-diary: Lisa arrives As the racks are completed more boxes and junk are cleared out of The Container. It's really beginning to look like a good space to work in.

In the evening Lisa Haskell from Media Arts Projects in London (who arranged for me to come to Jamaica) turned up. There may be some more people from Toronto turning up in the next few days. So the party's just getting bigger and bigger! There's only 7 days left to the launch, but hopefully we can get things together by then.

Photo-diary: The first users Photo-diary: Installing a server

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