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Mobbs' Environmental Investigations:

Writings, Articles and Books

Much of my work involves carrying out research, and then writing about that research – either as an article, report or, occasionally, a book. This section of the site provides access to my various writings.

Writings Index

Fracktured Accountability, Paul Mobbs, March 2015

World in Chains: Nuclear Weapons, Militarisation and their Impact on Society, Angie Zelter (editor), Luath Press, June 2014

A Practical Guide to Sustainable ICT, APC/IDRC, June 2012

Energy Beyond Oil: Could You Cut Your Energy Use by Sixty Percent?, Matador Books, June 2005

Participating With Safety Toolkit, APC, March 2002

Civil Society Internet Rights Toolkit, GreenNet/Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, 2000

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Work Archive

I am a freelance researcher, author and lecturer on energy, environment and public policy issues – how I use that core set of skills depends upon the issue I am working with at the time.

Fundamentally my work involves finding information from a wide variety of sources and then mapping the content to produce an illustrative view of a single issue. My specialty is studying large quantities of digital or hard copy records, public registers and documents.

Tied to that specialism are my skills in using computers, databases and on-line systems in order to support that work – and occasionally to teach others those skills.

The final part of that skill-set involves communicating the results of my work to its target audience. That is usually the general public, or the groups who hire me to carry out research on particular issues – whether that be just general research, or to produce a case for a public inquiry or other official process.

However, since I began working as a freelance professionally in 1992, the aim of the work has changed. During the 1990s my work was largely responsive – following the ecological agenda. Since the end of the 2000s I have shifted towards working on "future" issues – identifying issues of public concern before they hit the media and flagging them up to the communities involved.

For want of a better label, I call this shift in the focus of my research, Ecological Futurology – either by research, writing and journalism, identifying and explaining critical issues of public interest before they become part of the mainstream media and political agenda.

If you would like to employ my skills to assist your work, please get in touch. In the meantime, this site will give you access to the wide array of issues I have covered over the past twenty-five years of work.

Recent research reports and studies

Below is a selection of recent research reports. For a full guide to reports, handouts and other publications view the Work Archive.

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