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Mobbsey's Musings

'Musings' is a collection of short-form papers, published articles, and pieces which never quite made it as an article. These cover a wide variety of topics, and generally reflect the themes behind my current work and research interests.

Please note, this isn't a blog… …blogging isn't something I aspire to.

Escaping the confines of being a consultant, researcher and author by teaching the skills of low impact living and working beyond problems of peak energy by taking people camping, YES!; sitting at a computer and writing the passage of my existence for others to share, NO!

For that reason this is something wholly less immediate, static, and not driven by power-hungry database servers generating bloated datastreams.

My apologies to those wanting the everyday 'blog-o-sphere'-type brief, digested or vacuous information constructs within the content of these pages. I don't do sound bites, and I don't insult my own or my reader's intelligence by spouting views in isolation from the ideas that define them. My medium is the word, the argument and the reference, and in these pages I'm going to push that medium as far as I can. If that's "not you", or you strongly object to reading lengthy passages of text, please click here.

Latest 'Musings' posts:

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