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Ramblinactivist 1/17:
"Domestic Extremism" – A Great English Tradition!

Paul Mobbs, Rambinactivist's video blog, 16th February 2017

On a busy day in London, walking and riding the tube between meetings, I take you on a tour of England's historic tradition of 'domestic extremism'; its importance in shaping our country as it is today, and why it has always been vehemently opposed by the English state. Labels like 'domestic' or 'non-violent' extremism are a means by which the state tries to avoid having a discussion on certain pressing issues – precisely because they threaten the competency of the state and/or the manner in which it rules.

The first edition of my new 'video blog' takes on a weighty issue – "domestic extremism".

If we look at the history of England then not only is what the government doing today, as part of its security agenda, nothing new; but like the English state in the past, it is also nothing to 'fear'.

The making of this video was inspired by Netpol's Domestic Extremism Awareness Day 2017. See their site for further details.

For further videos see Rambinactivist's YouTube Channel.

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