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Civil Society Internet Rights Toolkit

During 2000 I undertook a length writing commission, from GreenNet and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, to help them produce a series of briefings as part of their 'Internet Rights Tookit'. These are the first editions – and were subsequently used by the Association for Progressive Communications to develop similar digital rights projects in other regions around the world.

Writings Index

Fracktured Accountability, Paul Mobbs, March 2015

World in Chains: Nuclear Weapons, Militarisation and their Impact on Society, Angie Zelter (editor), Luath Press, June 2014

A Practical Guide to Sustainable ICT, APC/IDRC, June 2012

Energy Beyond Oil: Could You Cut Your Energy Use by Sixty Percent?, Matador Books, June 2005

Participating With Safety Toolkit, APC, March 2002

Civil Society Internet Rights Toolkit, GreenNet/Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, 2000

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Work Archive

There are fifteen briefings available in the 'toolkit' series.

The purpose of the 'toolkit briefings' is to explore areas relating to the use of the Internet and Internet rights. They cover a wide range of issues of general and specialist interest. Each is available as a web page, but also as Acrobat and other file formats so that they can be printed and supplied as hard copies.

After almost a decade and a half after publication, many aspects of these publications are rather dated. However, the general principles outlined in the publications are still sound – and can provide useful pointers for where to find further, more up-to-date information.

'Civil Society Internet Rights' Toolkit publications

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