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I've been working with community groups for over thirty years. Since 1992 I have worked as a freelance researcher, writer and environmental consultant specializing in the needs of community-based campaigns, NGOs and small companies.

My work spans a number of areas: from planning, pollution and environmental regulation; the work of local and national government; historical archive research; and tieing it all together, the use of computers and information and communications technology to empower community campaigns and 'data activism'.

This site provides access to much of my written work, as well as presentations, handouts, and some videos of my past and present activities:

Current Work and Forthcoming Events
a digest of my most recent work, from reports and articles to media coverage, and a list of forthcoming public events.
Ecological Futures
when asked to provice a label for what I do I reply "ecological futorology"; this page outlines what my work encompasses, and highlights the role of research in all my work.
Writings, Articles and Books
as well as writing articles and papers on my work I also take commissions for everything from small articles, to reports, to books.
Work Archive
this area of the site contains a directory of my work over the last 25 to 30 years, organised by theme/subject.
'musings' is a 'blog' of my shorter articles around particular current issues, or around themes which are part of my ongoing research work.
'ecolonomics' is an irregular 'essay blog', containing much longer, highly reference research papers around particular themes which emerge from my research work.
Other Interests & Resources
this section lists a few other resources within my site which are not part of my main research work.

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