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The Electrohippies Really Badly Edited Video (TERBEV)

electrohippies, 2000

How to make a video without real editing equipment? This clip is from a video where the electrohippies had a weekend making a video without proper equipment – hence, "Really Badly Edited"

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In the days before cheap/free computer software-based editing suites were easily available, the greatest obstacle to making a video was not filing it, but rather editing the footage collected.

TERBEV was The Electrohippies Really Badly Edited Video; produced as part of a research project to create a "low-tech" educational video using just an old (VHS tape!) video camera, recorded broadcast video, and two ordinary VHS VCRs to dub the sections together – to demonstrate that it doesn't require a fancy mixing desk to create a video.

You can also download this clip as a 3.9MB MP4 file or a 3.4MB OGV file.

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