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Reclaim the Bases,
USAF Croughton 1985

This is a short 5 minute extract, focusing specifically on Croughton and Barford, is from a longer video made by Cruisewatch in 1985 called, "The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier". It shows the campaign to reopen the right-of-way across the base, running from Croughton to Juniper Hill, which was closed off during the early 1980s expansion of the base.

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Yes!… I used to have lovely hair! (at the time I played in a band, and had certain affectations related to Robert Plant/Led Zeppelin).

The video shows one of the legal walks I used to lead across Croughton during the mid-1990s, trying to prevent the USAF from closing yet another ancient right of way in the area. The MoD later accepted the bridleway existed, and then diverted it around the south side of the base.

You can also download this clip as a 8.6MB MP4 file or a 8.3MB OGV file.

For more information on USAF Croughton go to the Croughtonwatch site.

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