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I've worked primarily with community groups for many years – mostly in the UK, but also in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. The materials produced from that work have relevance not just to the people who commissioned them, but many other communities too. For that reason I maintain an on-line archive of my work.

For details of the licensing restrictions on using these resources, see the Copyright and Sharing page.

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The 'general' handouts page contains various stand-alone handouts I've produced over the years.

General Handouts

inc image USAF Croughton, Networked Warfare, and the Intelligence-Fusion Complex

July 2018

A short report, produced for Croughtonwatch, on how digital networks, data, and artificial intelligence are blurring the boundaries between military, political and civil conflict.

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inc image 'Fracking': Matters of Dispute and Disagreement

September 2014

The term 'fracking' has burst into the media and public debate on energy and the environment over the last few years. Does either side in this heated debate really promote 'what we know' about this process; or perhaps more accurately, are the voices most often seen in this debate promoting a 'false certainty', rather than representing the extreme uncertainties which, the latest research suggests, underlie this whole issue.

file icon 'Fracking': Matters of Dispute and Disagreement
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inc image On-line activism and digital technology – From surveillance to our ecological footprint


Today we live in a wonderful world where anti-corporate activists can use their smart-phones and Twitter accounts to battle the corporate beast; where climate activists use global on-line information systems to help people chart their carbon footprint; and where social media allows people to click a button to ask their elected representatives to "save the planet"... Does no one else see the cruel irony here?

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inc image War machines, cyberwarfare and democracy – is resistance futile?


I have to compose some ideas for a speech I'm giving tomorrow at the USAF Croughton peace rally. I could do it sat in front of a computer, but as I know all the relevant material I decide to do it on an evening walk instead. Climbing out of the valley through Banbury, on reaching the southern flank of Crouch Hill1 I see, glancing over my shoulder, the object of my solitary dialogue shining in the low-angle sunlight.

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inc image "Extreme energy" developments in South Wales

November 2012

As we approach the limits to conventional energy production, governments and energy corporations are looking at "unconventional" technologies to keep the energy supply flowing. South Wales in particular is now being targeted as a potential source of unconventional gas, and this could have serious implications for the environment, wildlife and human health.

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inc image The Simple Future Beyond Oil

June 2010

The convergence of our economic and ecological futures and the importance of change – a presentation for the Adderbury Gathering, Sunday 13th June 2010. We are living through "interesting times"; credit crises, recession and rising debt threaten to destabilise nation states. What we need to understand is the way human ecology works within these natural physical processes, how the contradictions between human systems and these natural processes define what is "unsustainable", and what this means for our future as we adjust to the natural limitations of our environment.

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inc image The Free Range 'Tri­-Tent'


Don't ask me silly questions... I might answer them! I dashed off this as a result of someone asking how they could put together a weather-tight space with just some tarps and a rope. The dimensions are proportionate to the size of the tarp, so the biggest I've made to far is 7' (if you make a bigger one, let me know/send me a picture!).

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inc image Brave New Brum Workshop Summary/Handout

October 2005

The handout for a two day practical workshop on 'doing energy' in Birmingham – looking at things like how much power we use, ways to reduce it, and how to use small renewable power systems to take some of your demand off-grid. This is the sort of stuff now encompassed in some of the Trash Tech. Engineering workshops that I run.

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inc image Salvage Server Project 'Junk Ideas' 5: 'ELV Dummy Load for Power Supply Testing'

January 2005

You build a mains or renewable energy power supply for a laptop or other sensitive device, plug it in, turn it on and BANG – smoke comes from the power supply, laptop, or both! Here's a junk idea to avoid making such an expensive mistake. Originally developed as part of a workshop on 'trash electronics', this sheet explains the theory behind the pulse width modulation of power supplies, and can be adapted to serve a variety of uses.

file icon ELV Dummy Load for Power Supply Testing
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inc image The CLTC on tour at Tech 2

August 2002

'Tech 2' is a touring event. It brings together technical experts, media activists and artists to develop projects over a number of days. This year, Tech 2 has been primarily based at the Folly Gallery in Lancaster. But for its last week it moved to Grizedale Forest in the Lake District to experiment with wireless networks and Linux systems.

file icon Tech2 project index
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file icon Erecting the wind turbine at Tech2
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file icon CLTC briefing sheet
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file icon Tech2 Variable Voltage Regulator
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inc image The Detractor's Convention: Identifying the future of community-based campaigning

January 2000

This pamphlet is all about managing change. Change can be problematic. The way to make change less problematic is to understand it, and through understanding, take what you can from it to assist and reinforce your own position. This process of characterising the effects of societal change on organisations and individuals, and then creating responses to this, can create divisions. The differing ideas and approaches on responding to change are especially likely to create divisions within larger organisations. Divisions can then go on to affect how people operate, and distract them from the real objectives they commonly hold.

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inc image Research Briefing: Five Myths About Waste Incineration

November 1997

Produced for groups in Hertfordshire (and Essex) opposing waste incinerator proposals, this now rather dated handout lists the popular myths that local authorities use to justfy building incinerators. Even though it's out of date people keep asking me for it because it's a good summary – but as the new Planning Bill will probably unleash a new round of incinerator proposals I'll probably have to update and re-issue it at some point.

file icon Five Myths About Waste Incineration
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inc image Radioactive Substances in South East England

October 1997

Many people consider that much of Britain's problems with nuclear materials are restricted to Cumbria, or at a very few nuclear power stations across the country – they are not. Every day radioactive materials are carried on our roads, and although much of what is carried is of minimal risk, some cargos, such as nuclear warheads, present a major risk to the public. In southern England there are a number of sites which release radioactivity into the environment. There are also sites which store 'low' and 'intermediate' level radioactive waste, and sites which contribute to the transport of radioactive material by rail or road as part of their everyday operation.

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Radioactive Substances in South East England
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inc image Research Briefing: Environmental Activism

June 1997

As I became more involved in training people to become 'pollution detectives' as part of my work, I began to produce handouts and training materials. This is one of my early efforts. Essentailly, it's all about informaing people of their civic rights to information on pollution and polluting processes and then developing this information into a campaign.

file icon Environmental Activism
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inc image The Campaigners' Computer Maintenance Mantra


A little funny verse to get campaigners to look after their technology... "This is my computer. There are many like it but this one is mine..."

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