The Folly Gallery...

...up the stairs...

to Tech 2

The 'wall mounted' PC

Energy workshop

...getting techical

CLTC in use, Tech 2...

...and at an evening event.

on tour at Tech 2

At The Folly Gallery, Lancaster and
Grizedale Centre, The Lake District

'Tech 2' is a touring event. It brings together technical experts, media activists and artists to develop projects over a number of days. This year, Tech 2 has been primarily based at the Folly Gallery in Lancaster. But for its last week it moved to Grizedale Forest in the Lake District to experiment with wireless networks and Linux systems.

During the first two weeks the focus was on reconditioning computers, and installing them with Linux, to procduce a publicly-accessible media space. This project was run with the Sheffield-based Redundant Technology Initiative — who have been undertaking the reconditioning of computers for community purposes for some years. Also attending were Access to Recycled Technology (A2RT – or the "lowtech brummies"), a new Birmingham-based group with similar objectives to the Redundant Technology Initiative.

The CLTC joined Tech 2 for the last 10 days, from August 31st. As well as providing a 'hands-on' experience of using Linux – both as a desktop system for office-based use and as a network of machine for networked use - the CLTC provided an opportunity for participants to experiment with their use of Linux systems.

The first three days were a workshop on renewable energy – given by renewable energy expert Hugh Piggot. As well as looking at larger scale systems for powering homes, the workshop also considered powering computer equipment – such as laptop computers, and small 'consume nodes' to maintain wireless networks.

As part of the renewable energy workshop a design was produced for a regulator to power a laptop computer from a 24 volt power supply. This design will be bench tested for safety and reliability soon, and the final design posted here for others to use. It will also mean that the Community Linux Training Centre will not only be able to work beyond the limit of phone lines, but also beyond the limits of the mains power supply.

Next the project move to Grizedale Centre in the Lake District – taking over one of the class rooms off of the central green. There we set up the CLTC for the public to use, and to learn about Linux. The other part of the project involved the setting up of a wireless network to cover the site – the aim of which was to see if such a network would be useful to the artists working at Grizedale Centre.

We also erected a wind turbine – with the help of Ecosystem to experiment with powering nodes on the wireless network. This is covered in detail on a separate page.

For more detailed stories and documentation about the Tech 2 event see the Tech 2 Documentation site

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