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Running On Emptiness: The Pathology Of Civilization

John Zerzan, 2002

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Resource information:
Resource IDzerzan2002
Resource titleRunning On Emptiness: The Pathology Of Civilization
Author/sourceJohn Zerzan
Date published 2002
Summary text/ abstractThis collection of essays from civilization's most cogent living critic demands consideration. Consideration of the indisputable fact that no matter where you're from ten thousand years ago your ancestors were stone-age anarchists. Consideration of the significance of how for 99 percent of human history people walked gently on the earth, lived free in harmony with wild nature and each other accomplishing everything they needed to accomplish in their daily lives using a stone, bone, wood tool technology. It demands we consider why all artifacts have politics and how when we use tools they use us back. It requires we consider how human nature was originally one and part of a whole and now we lament that we are lost and alienated from one another.
Library categoriesAnarchism & Action, Neo-Luddism
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file iconRunning On Emptiness: The Pathology Of Civilization [1.7 megabytes]

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