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Mobile Laboratory Observations of Methane Emissions in the Barnett Shale Region

Environmental Science Technology, vol.49 no.13 pp.7889-7895, 09/03/2015

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Resource information:
Resource IDyacocitch2015
Resource titleMobile Laboratory Observations of Methane Emissions in the Barnett Shale Region
Author(s)Tara I. Yacovitch, Scott C. Herndon, Gabrielle Pétron, Jonathan Kofler, David Lyon, Mark S. Zahniser, Charles E. Kolb
Publication/ sourceEnvironmental Science Technology, vol.49 no.13 pp.7889-7895
Date published09/03/2015
Summary text/ abstractResults of mobile ground-based atmospheric measurements conducted during the Barnett Shale Coordinated Campaign in spring and fall of 2013 are presented. Methane and ethane are continuously measured downwind of facilities such as natural gas processing plants, compressor stations, and production well pads. Gaussian dispersion simulations of these methane plumes, using an iterative forward plume dispersion algorithm, are used to estimate both the source location and the emission magnitude. The distribution of emitters is peaked in the 0-5 kg/h range, with a significant tail. The ethane/methane molar enhancement ratio for this same distribution is investigated, showing a peak at ~1.5% and a broad distribution between ~4% and ~17%. The regional distributions of source emissions and ethane/methane enhancement ratios are examined: the largest methane emissions appear between Fort Worth and Dallas, while the highest ethane/methane enhancement ratios occur for plumes observed in the northwestern potion of the region. Individual facilities, focusing on large emitters, are further analyzed by constraining the source location.
Library categoriesClimate Change, Extr. Energy Climate
Added to Free Range Library05/01/2016
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file iconMobile Laboratory Observations of Methane Emissions in the Barnett Shale Region [2.4 megabytes]
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