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Transforming Luddite Resistance into Virtual Luddite Resistance

Earth First! Journal, 07/04/1998

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Resource information:
Resource IDwray1998
Resource titleTransforming Luddite Resistance into Virtual Luddite Resistance
Author(s)Stefan Wray
Publication/ sourceEarth First! Journal
Date published07/04/1998
Summary text/ abstractComputers. Some of us swear by them. Others against them. But whether you're for or against computers, they aren't likely to go away any time soon. The opposite is true. Computers are being woven into the fabric of society at an astonishing rate. They are fast becoming part of nearly everyone's daily reality. It is almost impossible to function today without being touched by the computer. But even if we somehow manage to live far from computerized society, our political opponents, like the federal government and giant corporations, depend heavily on computers. Given increasing computer prevalence and the fact our political opponents are among the most wired in the world, it is foolish to ignore the computer. Rather, it is important to turn our attention toward the computer, to understand it, and to transform it into an instrument of resistance. For the luddites of the world who resist computers, consider using computers to resist.
Library categoriesAnarchism & Action, Direct Action & Protest, Hacktivism, Neo-Luddism, Politics
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